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Top 10 Ways to Get Stress Free Life

Follow the all 10 steps

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Wake Up Early

Getting up early in the morning is best ways to cheer you day, it fulfill happy moments, you can complete a list of task and accomplish them on time, To wake up early you need to sleep early then you can wake up early there are so many benefits for early wake up so make it a habit for stress free life.

Exercise regularly

Doing exercise keeps you healthy and health is wealth it reduce stress and access weight as well and so health disease can eradicated by doing exerciser and yoga practice and it strengthen your bones and muscles and keep health and mind fresh . It reduce risk of even fetal disease as well.

Make a Day Plan

Sit Calm and start writing you full day activities, what you are going to do and how it will help to achieve you professional as well personal goal by doing this you will surly will accomplish all your task on time which help to make your plan to be successful.

Dress Beautifully

If you are moving outside then keep in mind never move out with uncomfortable dress this is not going to help always try to wear comfortable dress much as you can because that is going to make you happy day and a stress free day keep it up.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting proper sleep to reduce your stress level , it remove dark circle under your eyes and keep the health perfect so minimum 8 hour sleep is required to keep health healthy .

Visit Massage Parlor

These days body to body massage parlour in delhi, plays very important role to reduce mental as well physical stress so makes you are weekly visiting body massage parlor to reduce body pain as well mental stress level.

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Eat healthy Food

Include nutrition in your regular food because it help to growth your body and it is said if your are eating an apple daily none of the disease will come so keep protons in your food for better health. visit for more,,20459221,00.html

Spends Time With Society

Keep engaged with neighborhood as mush as possible talk on social issue and keep undated current news discuss and raise your opinion and make friends as much as possible.

Read Motivational Book or Vedios

Make a collection of motivation writer and speakers this is the best ways to keep motivated all the times read book and visit motivational speakers this is going to reduce your stress level fast.

Laughter therapy

This is certified that if you are using laughter therapy then you are going to reduce your stress level very fast

i am sure if any one seriously following all 10 steps they are going to have very happy life

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